Currants and sultanas,
our traditional import goods

When Heinrich Brüning GmbH first started to import currants and sultanas in the 1950s, it was still common to describe them simply as “dried grapes.” In fact, no further classification for the goods was necessary at that time - there was no grading by size, let alone standards to define the cleanliness of the grapes. Times have changed and we now offer customers currants and sultanas according to their individual needs and processing purposes. We not only import a variety of grades, but also different levels of quality from all the leading growing countries: Turkey, USA, Iran, Chile, Australia, Greece and South Africa.

Since 2001 we have added blueberry, cherry and cranberry to the range of products we offer. Alongside currants and sultanas, we have been particularly successful in establishing cranberries, with their subtly tart flavor. We import cranberries from the USA, Canada and Chile.

On the following pages we present a selection of the berry fruits we currently import and sell. For further information about a product, simply click on it. If you are interested in other varieties of these products or desire further information, we would be pleased to talk to you about them.

Our sultanas/diverse products