Dried fruit importer of
dedication and passion

With the emergence of a globalized and increasingly networked world, our fields of activity as a dried fruit importer has grown constantly and they are now more varied than ever. As traders we are expected to act quickly. However, we remember that a natural product needs time. Our products have to grow and ripen, in order to develop their optimum flavor. So too, over the decades our personal supplier contacts have developed into what they are today – trusting partnerships. It provides the fundament upon which we develop our quality program together and the flexibility to satisfy individual customer needs.

A dried fruit importer is nowadays not just a trader

Some things have changed on the consumer side as well. Since the days of the corner shop, our products have had to meet some manifestly exacting customer demands. Both organic and conventionally grown dried fruit are in trend and enjoy the image of a modern, healthy and highly versatile foodstuff. As dried fruit importers, we have played a part in achieving this by performing strict quality controls. And we actively promote this trend by providing food retailers with consultancy and supporting them in the development of new products. Of course, our traditional day-to-day business involves all kinds of services: from the handling of imports, customs clearance and warehousing to customer-specific sales, repackaging into consumer units, invoicing and consultancy.

The following pages will provide you with an overview of our business fields and heritage. We would be pleased to also work with you.